Welcome to Our Cameron Family History

This is a history of our Cameron ancestors and primarily the life of an extraordinary man, William Cameron, whose life and accomplishments has effected countless generations of descendants. A thinker whose keen mind and development of patents in the can making machinery industry led to his being profiled for his contributions in a publication as one of the leading 8,000+ Scots worldwide. A young laddy who from a humble beginning as the son of a croft farmer and with only elementary school education emigrated to America where he developed a company that was the leader in it's industry and who at his death was president of the Illinois Saint Andrew Society to help and serve all Scots. A person, with gracious manner who strove always to be the best in person and attainments. One whose gentle being never uttered an unkind word or vile epithet and whose fore-site and care has left us with with many enduring memories and associations that have effected countless lives. It is to this personality, William Cameron, that we dedicate this history of Our Cameron Family and succeeding generations to provide an on going record of our proud Scottish heritage.